Sarah’s dramatic health transformation

Published April 10, 2017 at 13:49

Sarah Richards, from Colne, was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2011.

The shock of that diagnosis made her determined to change her lifestyle and lose weight.

With help from her GP, the use of apps and technology and a lot of determination, Sarah has lost nearly six stone and feels great. And perhaps most importantly, her diabetes is now in remission.

She said:

Back in 2011 when I received the diagnosis it was quite a shock. I started exercising daily with my partner, getting up before I go to work and walking an hour and a half and then two and half hours on the weekend. I bought a tracker to keep pace of what I was doing, used other apps and a Wii Fit and looked at what I was eating.

I’ve lost 5 stone 3 pounds since last September. My doctor’s has reduced quite a lot of the medication I was on and we’re looking for this time next year to have completely reversed it. That’s marvellous, I thought once you had Type 2 diabetes that was it for life but it’s not and I’m so happy I made these changes.

Some people who I’ve not really spoken to on a daily basis at work before will come over and tell me how great I’m looking and how well I’m doing which is lovely.

Dr. Rahul Thakur, Sarah’s GP, said:

I’m so proud of Sarah and the positive and proactive approach she’s taken to losing the weight and how well she’s done in such a short period of time. She should act as an inspiration to others as to the health benefits that can be achieved with regular exercise and a change in diet.

That she’s harnessed the use of apps and technology as part of her journey is very pleasing too because this is a very exciting area of health care that is only going to be keep growing and can be crucial to achieving better overall health and wellbeing.

Watch a short film about Sarah’s health transformation here