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Our aspiration for One Workforce

We have set our aspiration for One Workforce which is:

"To have in place a workforce which is fit for the future and is able to meet the challenges of a changing health and social care landscape across Pennine Lancashire which will create working conditions that enable the paid workforce to provide care where it is needed irrespective of organisational boundaries."

We have a highly committed and professional health and care workforce across Pennine Lancashire, supporting residents, patients and carers in a range of settings and in a wide range of roles. This workforce is made up of people who are passionate about the jobs they do whether they are providing care in an employed role or whether they are a vital volunteer working on behalf of one of the many charities or community groups in the area.

We know we want our staff to work together across the many different organisations in Pennine Lancashire. This means we will need to think about how we reflect and address differences in culture and practice and differences in the national frameworks for terms and conditions, if we are to achieve true integration.

There is also a significant unpaid workforce of volunteers and carers who need to be considered to ensure we fully understand how all aspects of care and support is currently delivered and how this supports our drive towards social prescribing and promotion of self-care.

The downloads on this page are aimed at staff working across health and care services in Pennine Lancashire.

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